Step by Step

Our Process



We’ll arrange a convenient time to visit and assess your site. If you envision it, we likely have the expertise to realise it. We’re always excited to see images, drawings, or any inspirations you’ve gathered related to pools and landscapes.

  • On-Site Consultation
  • Understanding the client’s vision
  • Providing tailored suggestions based on the client’s preferences and the site’s characteristics
  • Conducting thorough geotechnical analysis and structural planning
  • Delivering a detailed quote along with a design blueprint



Your comfort and trust are paramount to us. we take the hassle out of the equation by managing the necessary paperwork for planning permissions and approvals.

  • Construction Contract and Relevant Papers
  • Application for construction
  • Endorsements from the local governing body (council)



As we initiate the construction process, our goal is to minimize disruptions and seamlessly collaborate with any other professionals or trades present on-site, always prioritising safety above all.

  • Site assessment and pool layout
  • Digging and establishing any extra foundation work
  • Setting up the formwork
  • Arranging steel reinforcements
  • Setting up plumbing lines and preparing for lighting
  • Applying and shaping the concrete
  • Dismantling the formwork
  • Laying pool tiles
  • Extending plumbing and electric connections to the equipment room
  • Designing the pool’s surrounding areas and landscape
  • Acid cleansing
  • Setting up filtration systems and other equipment
  • Erecting the pool fence
  • Finalising the pool’s interior finish
  • Comprehensive pool review and official certification



Our fourth phase focuses on perfecting the clarity of your pool and prepping it for its inaugural swim. We’ll optimise the water balance, activate your equipment, and guide you on its usage. There’s nothing more rewarding for us than witnessing the first delightful dive into a pool we’ve crafted!

  • First water fillĀ 
  • Activation and setting up of equipment
  • Adjusting the pool’s water equilibrium
  • Orientation on machinery operation and water test kit demonstration
  • Official completion and handover

Unleash your imagination

Your dream pool is just a conversation away. Connect with our experts now and embark on a journey to craft your personalised aquatic masterpiece.